Magellan workshop

MagellanPlus Workshop: Mission-specific platform approaches to assessing natural hazards that impact society

mandag 04 apr 22

Organizing Committee

  • Hugh Daigle, Univ. of Texas at Austin
  • João Duarte, Univ. of Lisbon
  • Åke Fagereng, Cardiff Univ.
  • Raphaël Paris, Univ. Clermont Auvergne
  • Patricia Persaud, Louisiana State Univ.

On 7-9 July 2022, MagellanPlus will organize a workshop to explore the range of potential hazards projects that can be supported by the 2050 Science Framework.

Scope and goals

The MagellanPlus workshop will gather representatives from a range of Earth Science disciplines to focus on three topics of natural hazards that impact society:

  • Hazards on active margins
  • Hazards on passive margins
  • Tropical cyclones in the geologic record.

The scope is intentionally broad to explore the range of potential hazards projects that can be supported by the 2050 Science Framework.

The workshop will have the following goals:

  • Outline questions in natural hazards that can be addressed with MSP drilling
  • Identify field locations to examine those problems
  • Develop three pre-proposals for MSP drilling.


7-9 July 2022


Instituto Dom Luiz, University of Lisbon, Portugal


The organizers expect a workshop of less than 50 participants with diverse expertise and balance of genders and career stages, and have secured support for travel and accommodation for up to 15 ECORD participants.

Travel funds will be preferentially dedicated to early-career researchers (within 10 years of their terminal degree) and participants who can broaden the perspectives presented at the workshop.


To register please provide a statement of interest, 2-page CV, and letter of support from supervisor (only for students) at the registration page. Also indicate if you would like to give an oral 10-minute presentation or poster in one of the sessions.

Deadline for priority registration 1 Feb 2022 (regular registration 15 April 2022). 

Deadline for white papers 1 June 2022.

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Learn more at the workshop website


MagellanPlus Workshop Series Programme

The MagellanPlus Workshop Series Programme is co-funded by ECORD and ICDP and designed to support scientists in developing new and innovative science proposals to meet future challenges in Earth, life and environmental sciences.

For this purpose the MagellanPlus Workshop Series Programme funds workshops and/or scientists that are expected to lead to or foster high-quality and innovative scientific drilling proposals for submission to IODP and ICDP.

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